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    Back in 1958 when there were more saguaros than people in the desert Southwest, Monsieur Louis German arrived in Scottsdale and opened a French restaurant called Chez-Louis in the Old Town Scottsdale. The area was the perfect location. For both of his passion: authentic French  food and his love for horses.

    Forty year later German open Le Sans Souci in Cave Creek at 7030 E Belle Vista Dr. Le Sans Souci is a rare gem that brings delicious food and French ambiance without having to fly an ocean away.



Jose D Rivera.


Head Chef

Jose Rivera has been working in a restaurant setting since 1983, and became Le Sans Souci head chef in 1995. Together both Monsieur Louis and Chef Jose worked together to recreate delicious French Cuisine. With Jose’s great taste and skills, and Monsieur Louise amazing recipes, Le Sans Souci became one of the most popular restaurants in Cave Creek. Now, Chef Jose works diligently to continue on with Monsieur Louis legacy and provide delicious French dishes to the state of Arizona.


Guiermo Valles

Sous Chef

Guierrmo has been working in the Le Sans Souci Kitchen since 2000. He has worked hard to move up in the ranks of the competitive kitchen. With his speed, skills and art of pastries; Guierrmo soon became Sous Chef and the restaurant's Pastry Chef. Learning from both Monsieur Louis and Chef Jose; Guierrmo was able to add his style to the delicate delight of our French pastries.

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